Paul Tame


Paul’s diverse careers have allowed him ample opportunities to develop his cultural dexterity – the ability to effectively function within diverse cultures while maintaining a self of sense - which requires strong emotional intelligence. His adeptness at shifting his style to match cultural norms saw him traveling the world to perform risk management audits and make recommendations for next steps in leadership and development organizations. Throughout his life, whether working as a basecamp director for Outward Bound, serving with the Australian Army, teaching in higher education, facilitating leadership development workshops for corporate executives, volunteering at the local food pantry, or coaching executives, Paul’s unique and approachable style, his ability to convince people to try vegemite, wins people’s trust and respect.

Paul has focused his professional experiences on connecting people to their personal mission and career objectives, through experiential frameworks in the classroom, boardroom and in nature. Paul is a certified coach with the CTA. He has worked in over eight countries and has a background and qualifications that allow him to operate both at the urban interface, as well as in wilderness settings. Utilizing experiential systems as a means of engaging with people, Paul brings extensive leadership prowess to his practice and he is dedicated to collaborative, solution-based learning for each client.

Paul has worked with employees and executive from such organizations as Outward Bound International, Singapore Airlines, PwC, Telstra Australia, Australian Federal Police, Commonwealth Bank, Singapore Department of Education, and Indonesia Post. 

Paul earned his B.A. in History at University of Western Sydney and his Dip.Ed. at the University of Armidale and has coursework completed for his PhD. in Sustainability Leadership at Prescott College.