business consulting services

The Zen for Business team combines our diverse talents to help your company maximize it’s fullest potential.


strengthen your team


Providing employees opportunities to reach their potentials and engage their senses of purpose at work is a win-win proposition. Employees feel appreciated and gain value from helping drive meaningful strategy and, according to Gallup, engaged employees are the “...leading indicator of financial performance”Investing in people is critical. Whether in your boardroom, a conference center, or in the outdoors, we can help you build an engaged, purpose-driven team. Depending on your needs and desired outcomes, this could include executive coaching, team building events, or workshops focused on inclusion and diversity, discovering purpose, or leadership development. We value engagement, which means that we will not be lecturing at you, but rather creating opportunities for employees to be central to their growth.


reach your business potential


Whether you are launching a company or are already in business and strategizing for growth, we offer support for every stage. Improving efficiencies is key to increasing your company’s bottom line. If you're looking for an accountability partner to reach goals, need help with strategic planning or risk management, or are wanting to explore the certified B-Corp “business as a force for good” movement, allow us to support you, so the nuts-and-bolts of business do not hinder, but rather propel your success.


inspire the marketplace



Sustainability is a systems approach to life’s resources and decision making that attends to economicspeople, and the environment, so as to thrive in perpetuity. Your business can provide a good or service AND it can defy marketplace expectations by taking a triple bottom line approach, deliberately working to help people and the natural world, and in doing so, inspiring the marketplace. Zen can help you make this a reality through sustainability strategic planningthought leadership, or identifying key partners to help your company make a positive influence. Use your business as a force for good.